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Should you use a removal company or try and move your belongings yourself? Moving house can add up to be an expensive experience, so it’s no wonder people consider what work they could do themselves.

So what should you consider when deciding if you should use a professional removal company or hire a van and do it yourself?

Here's our top reasons why you should consider hiring a removal company:

1. Saving time
Moving to a new home takes time. Packing, loading, traveling, unloading - it's a time-consuming process.

Professional moving companies help people every day so they got all these steps down to an art. From packing to loading, transporting and unloading, moving companies will get the job done better, faster and safer.

Do you even have the right drivers license?
Most drivers have a category B driving license as standard meaning that they can drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes (3,500 kgs) in weight and most standard vans won’t exceed the Category B weight limit, even when fully loaded. A Luton van is likely the biggest van individuals can hire.

2. Health and safety
Heavy lifting is a real physical challenge and can be really dangerous!

For instance: moving large or bulky furniture is extremely awkward, and it can be easy to slip and fall while you’re lugging things to and from the truck.

The last thing you need during a move is to suffer an injury, so relying on a moving company is a far safer option if you’re worried about personal safety.

3. Children stress-free experience
Moving house is stressful enough, but when you add a baby or young children into the mix the stress tends to multiply rapidly.

Finding time to pack, keeping the boxes out of your way or locating items you thought you wouldn't need in the middle of the night when someone is crying can drive even the sanest parent mad.

Using a professional removal company such as Came-RO Removals can help alleviate some of that though. By taking care of things like packing and loading, it leaves you free to concentrate on other, more important things.

Some removal companies will also help with unpacking, while others even have additional handyman or housemaid services to help with the finer details of a move like hanging pictures and shelves, reassembling furniture, fitting light fixtures, cleaning your old house and unpacking kitchen goods into cupboards leaving you to concentrate on getting set up and settled in.

Here’s an article that might help you regarding home cleaning.

4. Right materials for the job
Packing and unpacking might seem easy at first, but you have to take into account a few things.

Do you have the right boxes?
Avoid supermarket boxes if you can, these aren't always strong enough for a job like moving your prized possessions. You need different sized, double layered boxes which removals companies work with.

Also do you know how to box fragile or big items?
Nobody wants to risk destroying or damaging their important items. That's why it's a little risky to try moving such items by yourself.

Removals companies box and unbox fragile items daily, they know what is the best way to pack them and store them in the truck.

Also if any accidental damage is done to these items removal companies have...

5. Insurance
Insurance is offered in case some of your items get damaged along the way. That is great cause mistakes and accidents can happen to anyone, but with insurance you might not need to worry.

Also most home contents insurance policies only cover the risks of moving house if you use a professional mover, so be careful to check and weigh up the costs of replacing damaged items.

Considering all of the above, choosing a DIY approach is a hassle if you want your move to be a seamless experience.

You don’t have to worry any longer! Let your troubles and worries be bygones by letting us assist you in your journey towards your new home.

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