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One of the most important parts when it comes to moving to a new home is cleaning. You should not neglect this stage, because it is the basis of accommodation in a new place.

To save time and energy, perform the cleaning stage while the house is still empty. In this way, you will not waste time moving furniture or freeing up certain spaces.

Don't get tricked by the clean look of the new place. The previous owners have definitely left some dusty areas behind. Animal hair, dust or other allergens hide almost anywhere. There is no guarantee that the place is as clean as you would like.

To make sure you don’t miss any spots of the house, pay attention to details. Don't forget about:

1. Clean walls - fresh air
An extra thing that has the power to refresh the house is whitewashing the walls. If it is not necessary to whitewash all the rooms, you will finish faster. Usually, the kitchen is the room that needs a more intense refreshment. If the walls have only a few stains and are also washable, a magic sponge will be useful.

2. Lighting objects
Turn on all lights and check for dead light bulbs. Then turn them off and wait for a little while as they often heat up. Remove and wipe the lights. While you're at it, replace the burnt-out bulbs. Don't forget the lampshades and the glass domes of the chandeliers / sconces.

3. Floor
Clean tile floors and use disinfectants. It will help you to remove remaining odors and freshen the air. Use proper solutions for wooden floors, so as not to damage them in any way.

4. Carpets/rugs
Wash your rugs at a specialized dry cleaner. Consider hiring a carpet cleaning company if you have carpets in most of your new house. You will save time this way.

5. Limescale accumulations
Hard water causes limescale accumulation in different parts of the house. Kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, washing machine, faucets; they're all affected. Vinegar is a gentle and handy solution for such situations. If vinegar won't do the job, try using stronger substances.

6. Faucet filters
Did you notice that the tap water is not pouring as it should? It is most likely caused by the tap filter. Unscrew the end of the tap, rinse it with water then wash it with vinegar. Limescale and residues will disappear in no time.

7. Toilet seats
For your own safety, we recommend you to change the toilet seat. If that option is not at hand, you can also disinfect it.

8. Stove/oven
Degrease and disinfect the stove and oven. Only use products compatible with your appliances. Check the indications found on the products themselves.

9. Washing machine
Clean the filter of the washing machine. It often accumulates residues, such as lint, hair, threads. You can run a few wash cycles with vinegar and baking soda. The washing machine will be more hygiene and you will get rid of unpleasant odors. Easy, right?

10. Refrigerator
Use vinegar with confidence once again. Wipe the shelves and drawers. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes before plugging it in.

11. Cabinets
Wipe the entire interior, not only the shelves. Remember, ventilate well before placing clothes in! You can also place small lavender pouches between the clothes. It will keep intruders away and a fresh smell in your closet.

12. Refreshed windows
Rain, wind and dust are some of the main causes of stains on the exterior windows. Wash the windows with water and a soft cloth. Once you're done, wipe them with an alcohol-based solution.

13. Exterior walls and baseboards:
Remove the dust with a long broom. For brick walls a good option is to clean them by using a car cleaning water pump. For baseboards, wipe them with a cleaning solution. Remember to always test the hardness of the substances you're going to use on a small and not very visible area.

Congratulations! If you made it through, your house is sparkling clean.
Now sit back and relax in your new cozy home.

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