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Yes, we get it. When it comes to moving, packing and unpacking belongings it can easily turn into headaches and anxiety, even to the most enthusiastic of us. You sure don't want to leave anything behind so organizing is the solution you need. Briefly sketch it in your mind then write it down. It’s the best way to make sure important details are not missed out.

Reaching the packaging supplies
Nobody wants their goods arriving broken or with scratches on destination . For that reason alone, it is essential to have a series of packing materials at hand.

Don't know where to get those from? Ask your moving company about it! Most of the time, they are able to provide you with the appropriate supplies. Click here to read more about this topic.

Essentials box
Before you start packing anything, think about what things you and your family might need in the next few days.

Prepare a special box with items such as: hygiene products, exchange clothes, pajamas, necessary medicines. Then make sure it's always easy to reach. You have to be prepared for any situation, even while moving.

Important: Put aside only what is strictly necessary!

Precious / sentimental objects and documents
You really wouldn't want to mess with these. For documents, use files then store them in cardboard boxes. Place your jewelry and other small valuable assets in a solid box (eventually equipped with a locking mechanism).

Since these objects are not so many, consider moving them by yourself. You will lower the risk of things gone wrong.

Flowing liquids
Gravity can give you a lot of trouble. Detergents, cleaning solutions, bottles of oil / vinegar, body oils, perfumes and other liquids stored in bottles must be transported upright! Verify that all containers have the lid tightly closed. You can go a step further and even seal them.

Clean your stuff before moving
You move into a new home, a clean one. It would be a shame to bring dirty, dusty objects. Inevitably, dirt will be produced, yet it is better to reduce the odds of that happening.

Therefore, we recommend you to clean your objects before placing them inside boxes: wipe the dust with a microfiber cloth.

Split your belongings in multiple categories. Easiest way to go would be according to the room they are in, then sub categorizing them according to their size and fragility. This way, the moving company will know how to properly load the boxes.

Once you've finished placing your items inside boxes, write down its contents or place where it belongs.

If you want to be able to reuse the boxes after the moving finishes, we recommend you to write the info on adhesive labels. This will make it easier to remove them. Reuse and recycle!

Moving order
Your bulky items should come first! From cupboards to tables, chairs and other large appliances, all should arrive first. In this way, the ground will be ready for when you need to organize the smaller things.

Two things to remember:

  • Empty your heavy furniture, otherwise your fragile items inside will turn into pieces;
  • Protect your furniture with proper packaging throughout the move and pay special attention to items with shiny surfaces... it would be a shame to get a scratch mark on them;

With a checklist and a lot of patience, you will be able to pack everything on time. Remember: Don't do everything only by yourself. Came-RO Removals is here to help.

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