How many and what kind of packaging materials do I need for my move?

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There are some things you need to consider when packing up to move. This is why we put up a list of materials and moving supplies you need to make things easier.

1. Boxes

These are the most important of them all. You can purchase cardboard boxes or rent plastic boxes made specifically for moving. If you plan on buying cardboard boxes keep in mind that you should buy different sizes, anything from small, medium, large to extra large and wardrobe boxes.

2. Packing tape

Packing tape is essential so make sure you have plenty, as you’re going to use to build your boxes and to seal them too. There are different types of packing tape, but we recommend buying one that is the most durable.

3. Packing paper & bubble wrap

If you want to go cheaper go for packing paper. It’s good for packing fragile items too, just make sure you add plenty into your boxes.

If money is not an issue go for bubble wrap or even both. Using the bubble wrap to secure your fragile and important items and providing stability and extra cushioning with the paper.

A great alternative is to use old clothing wrapped around and between your fragile items ( EX. plates, vases, etc. ). This might save you some money if you are on a budget.

4. Plastic wrap

This is not 100% necessary but it helps holding together items of the same size, like keeping plates wrapped together so they don't shift around. You can also use it to secure opened bottles that still have liquids in them. One roll of plastic wrap is very cheap and it might come in handy in certain situations.

5. Plastic bags

Plastic bags are great for keeping small stuff inside them that otherwise you might lose. So buy a roll of small plastic bags and that should be enough for all your tiny possessions.

6. Labels and stickers

Use labels and stickers on your boxes and supplies so you know what is where, this speeds up the process of carrying the boxes in the right rooms so you don't end up opening the “Kitchen appliances box” in your dormitory. Don’t forget the sharpie!

As a “wrap-up” for all of the above, high quality packaging materials are very important for a clean and secure move and everyone should take into consideration all the different types of packaging there are. If you think you don't have the time for all this thorough packing then you can hire a professional moving company like us, Came-Ro Removals, to carefully help you with any of your needs.

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