Good practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Do you still ask yourself if it’s possible to move in 2020 within the United Kingdom? Well, the answer is yes. According to (following the update from 5th November regarding national restrictions) removals are still possible.

The current coronavirus situation demands a series of special measures, so we can continue to be efficient and remain safe. Below you will find a short list with everything that is important to put into practice. A good collaboration is sustained by mutual care and respect.

1. Make sure you’re not breaking the law
To ensure yourself that the removal is in accordance with the current restrictions, we recommend you to use the Postal Code Checker for verifying the alert level and guidelines that apply in your areas of interest.

2. Try to let us do the job
We know that you’re a really nice person, ready to give us a helping hand and we thank you for that! No worries, though. Our determined team is capable of doing everything on its own. If you’re in the mood and you have the possibility, taking a walk in the nearest park sounds like a great idea.

3. Don’t forget the mask
All of our crew’s members will wear a mask, of course. To increase safety measures, we recommend you to do the same if interacting with the team.

4. The fewer, the better
During the coronavirus pandemic it is not recommended to have a goodbye party. You also have to skip calling your friends to help you move. That's why you hired us, remember? If you’re in need of help with unpacking your belongings, make sure you’re following the support bubble guidelines.

5. Provide space when preparing the boxes
In order to be easier to handle, it is recommended to position the boxes with spaces between them. By doing this, the team members will be able to pick the boxes without crowding.

6. Let the fresh air come in
If you can, ventilate the picking area before the team arrives, but also during the actual move. The better the space is ventilated, the lower the risk of infection. Help us to help you.

7. Soap and water - our allies
Our team focuses on hygiene and always has a disinfectant at hand. However, we will really appreciate it if you can provide easy access to an area where they can wash their hands.

8. Feeling sick? Better postpone it
If you have symptoms or do not feel well, it is for the best of all if you contact us and reschedule the move, free of charge. Safety comes first.

9. Better a fist bump, rather than a shake hand
We recommend a slight tilt of the head as a form of greeting. It is not necessary to shake hands. We think you've already gotten used to fist bumps / elbow bumps.

10. Limit interactions on the way to your new home
If the new house is quite far away and you’ll need to make some stops on the way, make sure that you don’t interact with many individuals. You can consider taking short breaks from driving, breathing fresh air and eating some homemade snacks. By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of others.

11. Other country, other rules
If you’re moving to another country, make sure the borders are still open. Don’t forget to check the list of imposed restrictions, so you’ll be prepared for any given situation (such as COVID-19 testing, self quarantine or lockdown). For example, if you’re moving from the UK to Germany (at the time of this article), you will need to stay in self isolation for 10 days.

What do you say? Do you think that you can handle it? We are confident about it and can't wait to help you move. With a little effort and support from our friendly team, you will be able to easily get through this.

For more information and regulations within the United Kingdom regarding COVID-19, you can visit

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