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We at Came-RO Removals know that getting an accurate moving quotation is important to you, that’s why below we will elaborate the necessary steps that will help you get the most out of your quote.

The majority of moving companies are to appoint someone to get you through a moving survey. This will help them know all the necessary details to give you the most accurate quote.

Bellow we have summarized all the basics:

1. Tell everything to the move consultant

It is advisable to tell the consultant about all the items you want moved. Show him any large storage cabinets or storage-rooms, and don't forget about your basement, shed or garage.

Plants are also an item that many people forget about but are important, also any garden furniture or ornaments as they naturally affect the space requirements of the vehicle used by the company.

Here you might also want to discuss all the available access points, to see if the crew can use them to remove your belongings safely.

2. Be ready to answer the following questions

In order for the consultant to estimate how much work is to be done he will ask you the following questions:

What is your budget?

Sometimes the clients budget differs from the budget needed for a full removal. If that is the case, provide the consultant with the most important items and arrange with the mover if there are any items that you can move yourself.

Have you figured out when exactly you want to move?

Flexibility is the key here. Some companies offer different prices for different times as their schedule is less preoccupied. Others, like Came-RO offer rescheduling free of charge in case your original move date shifts unexpectedly.

Will your belongings fill up an entire van?

If you have a small amount of items then the moving company might suggest you use a part-load service, meaning that your items will be loaded with other clients' belongings which are to be delivered in the same area. This method is usually practiced in such situations as the clients will share the operational costs of the shipment, making it a cheaper solution for you.

Do you want the move to be over the weekend?

Weekends can be a bit more expensive because moving companies have to pay their employees bigger wages for working weekend hours. Try aiming for the working week days if you’re on a tight budget.

When is the completion date?

Let's say you want to move your items next Friday, because that is the last day you still own the house. Do you have the keys to the new house yet? If you don't, then the completion date cannot be the same date as the loading one. That means you require storage and the moving company will have to keep those items until you have access to your new residence.

3. Tell them about any additional service

Here are some examples of additional services that you should mention:

  • Boxes & wrapping paper
  • Storage for your items
  • Assembly & disassembly services
  • Special items ( requires special wrapping and boxing )

These are all the important steps that you should consider when you contact a moving company so that they will be able to give you an accurate moving quotation that suits your personal needs.

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